How We Work


We follow a high systematic process when planning and executing a company move. Although this process can involve months of planning beforehand, we execute the actual move over a single weekend to ensure your business doesn’t experience any downtime.

With us, you can leave your office on Friday to go away for the weekend and come Monday when you arrive at your new premises, everything will be running so smoothly you would think you had never moved at all.


Move Management

Our migration planning covers all the milestones and addresses all the risks of a move, and we make sure every mover has what they need for a smooth transition. Movers are given personalized move instructions and we deliver personalised printed labels, security crates and cable ties to them. Post move, each mover receives a personalised welcome note as well as any support they need.

Physical Relocation

We analyse each move – sites, routes and resources – to ensure the best result.
We use the best type of transport for each move, such as smaller delivery vehicles to access basements to provide secure off-loading as well as the safety of items in transit.

Furniture Services

We offer our services to local and international furniture companies in South Africa, allowing these companies to retain a quality service without carrying fixed overheads. Our staff are trained in demountable partitions, new furniture installation, de-installation and re-installation of furniture as well refurbishment and servicing of existing furniture.

1600 people moved from 6 locations to 4 locations = our largest number of movers over one weekend.